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Hello again!

I got my pup last Friday, his name is Gomez. He is not deaf nor has he vision problems. (His sister was not so lucky and had both and they put her down :(!!! really sad... ) So far he knows sit/stand/down fairly well. (Down has been the hardest one so far) I have been using clicker training when I have the clicker, and I find he learns faster with it. He is good on a leash as long as its loose. If he gets to far behind and is tugged on his reaction is to try and pull back out of his collar, which makes the tug worse. :\ a bad catch 22 there. So I'm going to lure him with bits of hot dog when he does this.

The links are a couple of videos of him. ^_^

Other than that he is very good except for his need to chew EVERYTHING He tried eating a curb, a metal futon frame, my cat, me  My boyfriend, anything he can get his chompers around, so I have to turn and check him every few seconds to make sure he hasn't discovered a new "toy" and redirect him to his favorites.  He is still attempting to chew things in both videos

Wish me luck!


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My Dane and my Shiba Inu will both chew the bullwrinkle over all else - the really stinky, er, tasty ones are on Amazon. It seems like a lot to spend $50 on bullwrinkles, but that gets you 25 instead of $5-8 each at the pet store. And they last a while. We go through about one whole one a week.
Thanks! I just found out what they are @_@
lol. Guess I'll give them a shot!