Mike (nomadvak) wrote in greatdane,


Strange question for the group - what do you drive in order to get your Dane from one place to another? With my last one, I had a pickup truck and lived in a rural town, you could throw him in the back and he'd be happy as a clam. This time around, I'm smack in the middle of Dallas (with a big yard, btw) but have no idea what kind of vehicle to switch to. The two door coupe isn't going to cut it. (:

Here's what I'm considering:

Honda Element (40" of clearance to get in, 43" once inside)
Saturn Vue (33" of clearance to get in 36" once inside)
And last, but not least....Dodge Grand Caravan. Enough said. Plenty of space with the seats folded into the floor.

The Element is coming in at number one - seats fold up and/or come out, floor is hose-out ready, and the front seat folds forward so that he can be right up by the window, where all the action is.

So this is more of a poll than anything else - what do you folks drive?
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