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You Are Alive When They Start To Eat You

newbie & question

Hello everyone, I just found this community [thank god!] and I recently got a great dane puppy [about a month or so ago]. I always wanted a great dane and now I finally have one! I am super excited and kinda lost. I've always had rottweilers [which I have a 2 y/o now as well as my dane] and other big dogs, but never a great dane. i've read books and articles online but I can't seam to find an answer.

I got my puppy from a breeder out where I live. We stopped at the ladies house late at night [like 8:30p] and I picked out my girl. Well, when we got home - I realized the puppy was bones and skin, covered in fleas and ticks and horribly taken care of. Good to say - all her bites and ouchies are gone, she has gained weight and seams to be quite happy. I just have one question that I don't know if it is because of the breed, or if it was because of something horrible that happened at the breeders. When she sits down sometimes her back rib will poke out. It does it on both sides of her and it is like an s shaped rib, which I've never seen on a dog. It doesn't hurt her and she is in no pain and has no problem with us touching it or anything. My husband says that it moves with her ribs and is probably just something to do with the breed. so, I was wondering.. IS this something to do with the breed??? Imean, sometimes the rib will stick out an inch or so and it's scary. You can kinda see it HERE [her front elbow is kinda pointing at it]. I took her to a vet a few weeks ago and he didn't say anything about it, so I figured it was okay.. but it worries me because he may not have felt it with how she was standing. Any help would be awesome.

Also, since my baby girl is adorable:

yes, her name is DOT, i know it's funny especially seeing as she will be up in the hundreds one day, but she likes it.

^I thought that one was adorable since it is dot and roxie [our rottie] playing together. I had to share & I apologize for the darkness!

Also, if anyone knows any articles or anything I should read - I'll gladly read articles or check out recommended books to read. I want the best for my puppy [since she is my first puppy all of my own - usually only had family dogs and the rottie is my hubbies] but I'm kinda clueless. =o) Anything would be great!!
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