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she was in to s&m and bible studies

Puppy Gowning Pains

Now I've had Dane's before, but Murphy seems to be going through growing pains more noticeably than MacDuff did. What do you all do for your pup's pains? If we think it's really bad the Vet okay'd a baby aspirin, but we do try and avoid that.

The basset hound is named Hunter and belongs to my brother.

At about 7 weeks old

At 12 weeks

At 14 weeks
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You probably already know this, but avoid large breed and puppy formula food, because the high doses of protein are bad for their growth pattern. Our breeder actually recommends senior formula, because it's low in protein and contains extra supplements for the joints. We're fans of Chicken Soup dry food.

We were considering Murphy as a name for our second pup (he ended up with Tucker :) ). Good name and cuuuute puppy! Love that last pic!
I was going to suggest the same thing - trying to limit how quickly he grows by keeping protein down, supplementing with vitamin C and possibly glucosamine. I don't remember giving our Dane calcium as a pup. The vitamin C especially helps them keep good foot form, as puppies and as seniors.

Our vet was *constantly* on us about the food we were feeding, he wanted her on large breed puppy, and it's important to remember that Danes are giant breeds, not large, so the large breed foods are not the right thing.

Monty ate Purina ProPlan adult food, I think, or possibly Eukanuba at the very beginning.

So, not so much pain relief advice, but pain advoidance. For pain relief, we've always used Metacam/Medicam/something like that for our dogs.
We feed Eagle Pack, which was formulated as a low protein and fat large and giant breed dog good. As well as having joint supplements :D Thanks for the advice, more people need to be aware about feeding a large dog properly!

We had a small list of names, Oberon was the top one. But Murphy wasn't dignified enough to be an Oberon, that and he has a crooked tail from where his mom stepped on it. Murphy just fit him.
Ditto! Definetly low protein! I am on my third Dane and have not had the "growing pains". My Harold (he is 3 now) when thru a clumsy period up until 2 where he would hurt himself in various ways but that him being a crazy puppy. I've been using Nutro Ultra - Weight Management.

Your puppy is adorable! What specific symptoms has he had?

We feed Eagle Pack, which was formulated as a low protein and fat large and giant breed dog good. As well as having joint supplements. It's been amazing.

Maybe Murphy is just a drama puppy. He'll lay and whine mostly, the soft whines that are more pain than not. He limps a little on some days as well.